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Re-cycle and re-using our landscapes

I believe that the recession has been a good thing for Portland. Instead of selling our poorly designed homes, we are looking at our properties with a more creative eye and  discovering the huge potential for improvements-projects that we can do ourselves or with minimal help from contractors or design experts.

We are looking at the amount of previously unused outdoor space that we own and determining a better way to live in that space. We are building new outbuildings, covered eating areas, raised vegetable beds and chicken coops so that we may become urban farmers and really utilize our land.  Is this a throw-back to the hippie generation? No. it is a better way to live on this earth of ours – not just existing with in it.  We are taking control of our world and being smart about how we affect it on a daily basis.

This is a good thing.

I am currently working with several clients that are building covered eating spaces. Understanding that they are living in a wet climate, they are being smart and creating covered areas that they can use 9 months of the year rather than 3.  They are purchasing products from eco- friendly companies that care about the effects they have on the earth. Companies like Ecohaus- Green building supplies, and  they are going one step further and purchasing garden mulch and amendments from Dean Innovation which provide re-cycled (yard debris) and certified organic Soil amendments (Mushroom compost etc..).

Recession and adversity can be a good thing if we choose to be positive and live smart- not as wasteful product consumers. Things are changing, and I am proud of Portland gardeners for finding creative ways to improve their lives while actually reducing their consumerism. Additionally, Dean Innovations is proud to be able to offer a superior, organic product line which compliments  and enhances this new and improved method of living on our one green world.

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