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During my years in landscape construction our company was especially known for its natural blue stone terraces. There are several choices, random natural pattern, square and rectangle or square cut being the most common. I consider the first priority to choose the stone by hand so that every piece is able to be used and the mind can begin to imagine which piece might go where. The next step is to complete your layout and  excavation. The excavation should be at least 6″ in depth to allow for compacted crushed rock and fill sand. The base of 3/4 – crushed rock or even better, recycled crushed concrete should laid 3 – 4″ in depth and compacted. To compact this I would recommend a plate compactor that you can find at your local rental yard. Johnson Creek Rentals would certainly be my first choice, the staff are friendly and prices fair. After the Portland gravel is laid and compacted next will come the sand. Portland sand can be found at Dean Innovations on 101st and Foster road. Portland sand should be spread 1″ to 1.5″ inches in depth prior to laying your blue stone. Its not mandatory but its nice to have a angle grinder, rock hammers and some trowels. Lay your stone out and play with it until it feels right. A couple pointers to consider, always keep the joints a consistent depth, don’t connect four joints in the same spot ( on random natural ) and this will take longer to build than this takes to read. Buy Portland Compost, Portland Sand, Portland Gravel, Portland Top Soil and Portland Bark Mulch at Dean Innovations

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