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We all see them… We all loathe them… Brown marmorated stink bugs. The amount of host plants for these stinkers makes it tricky to keep them at bay. They are not particular about what they eat and can become a huge problem very quickly.

I know firsthand these stinkers are lethal, they have destroyed my tomatoes many times. While there are solutions like pheromone traps and soap sprays, one of the easiest solutions we have seen is sunflowers and French marigolds. These plants attract the enemies of the stinkers. Bugs like ants, ladybird beetles, and lacewings pray on the egg masses. In addition to planting these beautiful blooms you can hang traps around your garden to help catch the adults.

Lastly, don’t wait or hesitate! While you might not see them now they will come if there is food to eat! So protect your crop early with these simple methods and keep your plants happy all season long!

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