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Chicka Chick Boom Bloom…

This is Harriet… She is a meat chicken we rescued just over a year ago. When we got her originally they told us she wouldn’t live past eight weeks. Harriet is a breed of chicken made specifically to grow fast, which she did, and be used as meat. We decided to see how long Harriet would live with a little diet and exercise. We are still in shock Harriet has survived this long… Harriet doesn’t have the ability to lay eggs but she brings a lot of love to the pack.

If you have ever given the thought to chickens we would highly recommend it! Not only is it amazing how fun these chicks are, but we get the most delicious eggs ever. Chickens are great when it comes to reducing waste. They will eat ANYTHING especially tomatoes… so we have to keep them away from the garden. But when it comes to garden the manure produced from these lil’ chicks is an excellent source of nitrogen.

Once composted for a minimum of six months the nitrogen increases the rate of photosynthesis. Not only do chickens love tomatoes but tomatoes, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, corn, and roses LOVE the nitrogen in the chicken manure. You can also till the manure in four months prior to planting if you don’t want to mess with a compost pile. This organic element is an easy way to help your plants flourish! So if you’re considering chickens think about all of the areas that can improve. I’ll re-cap it for you:

1. Reduce food waste (Chickens eat everything!!)

2. You get all natural fresh eggs daily!! (Or save the life of a meat chicken…)

3. Chicken manure will feed your plants and invigorate plant growth!

Chickens can be a lot of work… so if you just want to restore your plant life you can find pre composted chicken manure in our Organic Mushroom Compost. Happy Spring Planting!

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