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Hardscape alternatives- the way of the future

In Oregon we are just lucky, we get lots of water out of the sky. Our aquifers are among the richest in the nation, this also an area that Oregonians need to be much more aware…. How we treat the water that comes down Cats and Dogs most of the year.

In the past, the city builders just focused on getting the water out of our way. Depositing it as quickly as possible into the sewer-runoff systems laden with many chemicals from our parking lots and over-fertilized lawns which , we now know, to be very harmful to our natural environment.

What can we do? Rip up all the roads/ parking lots and over stimulated lawns???

It takes time to make changes, but Portland is among the most progressive and motivated sustainable city in the nation. Runoff from streets and all types of hardscape surfaces are being diverted into Bio-swales. The chemically laden water is being filtered BEFORE it re-enters the rivers

On the home front, many of our clients are breaking out that solid block of concrete in their driveway, and installing alternative solid surfaces. They are using Portland gravels for pathways, and as the foundation to the environmentally friendly paver systems. A  solid, yet permeable, surface intended to slow the rainwater down and allow it to naturally percolate down into the soils getting filtered before r-entering the aquifers below.

This change alone is helping tremendously to reduce the amounts of waste pouring into the creeks and rivers.


You are living in Portland, you are a part of the solution….. what are you doing this year to improve our collective water systems? Installing more gravel patios and walkways? De-commissioning your downspouts and creating your own mini-bios-wale?

Whatever the project, we have the drain-rock or gravel you need for the project !

So give us a call and let’s get you started  using our superior Portland gravels, organic soil amendments and organic mulch products.

Dean Innovations Landscape Supply (503) 281-1637.

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