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You can eat up now- good job.

‘tis the season to sing the praises of your labor all spring and early summer as you patiently weeded and organically removed any pests from your early garden vegetables. You should have your fill of Green beans and have canned up a few pints of dillys. The squashes are really in full swing along with the cucumbers and early tomatoes. The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye and you can literally sit down to a huge selection of nothing but freshly grown vegetables from your very own organic garden. Dessert will be fresh berries over lemon sorbet.  These are the evenings you live for as an Oregonian. All the plants are producing and yet slowing down, you can relax and take some time to eat, drink and be merry.

Good for you !

That’s all I have to say, no chores to consider, no projects to plan, just enjoy and let the certified organic garden compost do its thing. You done good, buddy !!

See you next week….. !

If you are still in the project planning, get going on the woodpile area of your driveway or shed. We have LOTS  of beautiful dry firewood to fill up your woodbox…..

So give us a call and let’s get you started  using our superior Portland organic soil amendments and organic mulch products for garden development and Cedar chips for those play zones !

Dean Innovations Landscape Supply (503) 281-1637.

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