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A way of life

I talk a lot about new garden projects, trying to encourage people to begin gardening.  There are many, many articles and studies written regarding the positive effects that occurs in our mental states directly influenced by our gardening hobby. Humans NEED to be caring and interacting with nature, it is in our evolutionary wiring and when we don’t interact, we become off balance.

This world that we live in has created a disconnection from natural environments that truly is a mistake. We at Dean Innovations believe that our natural products can help our society become whole and balanced …. One project at a time.

Gardening does not have a beginning and an end…. It is  an ever evolving cycle that we consciously choose to be a part of. We are garden crafters, honing our skills, editing our mistakes and always improving year after year.

Give us a call so we help you build on your success.  We are ready at all times to help you with your new projects or renovate any older garden areas that you may have.

Gardening with organic products makes you part of the solution and is a way of life that will make a difference for many years to come.

So give us a call and let’s get you started  using our superior Portland organic soil amendments and organic mulch products for garden development and Cedar chips for those play zones !

Dean Innovations Landscape Supply (503) 281-1637.

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