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Invest in your comfort

There is no doubt, I prefer to be outside just as much as I can, however, I must admit- I am older than I used to be…. When I choose to go outside, the decision is based upon where I can be most comfortable.

Over the last few years, I have really made the financial investment in my comfort while relaxing outdoors.  I have built water proof structures and purchased all weather cushions,  furniture, portable heating elements and… even an outdoor rug!

I am sooooo happy when I am cuddled up on a weekend morning, rain or shine, in my outdoor space. My eye wanders around the garden watching the birds come and go, listening to their chatter. My Kitty comes for a visit and  a snuggle before wandering off to chase an irresistible bug.

I have worked hard for many years on this outdoor space of mine, and I have to say it is worth every penny I have spent, every hour of toil- truly.

Be sure to consider your old age when you begin to plan your garden landscape.  It happens to all of us…. Soon or later.

Creating a seating terrace out of pavers or gravel with a roof for shade and protection from the rain is a must for all Portland area gardens.

Invest in your happiness… believe me, you will be glad you did !

So give us a call and let’s get you started  using our superior Portland organic soil amendments and organic mulch products for garden development and Cedar chips for those play zones !

Dean Innovations Landscape Supply (503) 281-1637.

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